Story Telling and Dance Performance

Why Joyfull Movement? As an educator as well as performer, I offer a bit extra with story and dance to entertain, but also educate about the world, and encourage a global perspective. Presented with joy, I ask "what is really important for you?" and "what is important for others?

Who is it for? Schools,  synagogues and churches, conferences, training sessions, workshops, special events, festivals.

Some Available Programs Include :  
  •  Golmah - How the Women of Prague made the first Golem to protect themselves against domestic violence. Women and minority rights are addressed creatively in this re-write of a classical tale. 

  • The Elijah Set - a weaving together of dance and stories about creating community in a multicultural world.

  • The Miriam Tradition - Dance and Workshops celebrating women, but also embodying change. 
  • Just Dance - Flamenco sets of original and traditional pieces; Ecstatic dance.

Work Samples: 

Golmah 3 minute introduction

The Magic Flower


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