Creative Empowerment

  Knowledge is power, but so is performance!

My research into women's and performance history has helped me understand that if you want to change yourself and your community, you need to change your actions, and how you think about taking action.

Topics I offer for speaking engagements include:

  • Performing Values: Looking at examples from theatre and dance history to understand embodied means of truly creating healthy communities locally and globally.

  • Creative Empowerment for Women: Women's religious history and lessons for ending discrimination and violence.

  •  Finding the Power Within: Why Yoga, Kabbalah, and other body-mind centering traditions offer practical techniques for success in work and life.

Practical application of my research and writing is the the focus of the presentations, and may include active audience participation. See my publications list for example articles and books.

Workshops and storydance performances are available to accompany presentations. See my performance page for a partial list of possibilities.

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