Golmah Fringe Page

Golmah Fringe Page
Cialuna Storydance Theatre performs Golmah at the 2016 Minneapolis Fringe Festival.

Spiritually powered Jewish women of Prague dance to life a magical clay female who protects them from violence. Dramatic story, flamenco, humor, audience participation, and even a little Shakespeare all contribute to the action. The story is based on the classic Jewish story of the Golem, where Rabbi Judah Loew brings to life a magical creature to defend the community.

When:  Thurday, August 4 and 11, at 7 pm
 Sunday, August 7 at 1 pm
Saturday, August  13 at 10 pm
Sunday, August 14 at 5:30 pm.

Where: Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Who: Cia Sautter dances, acts and tells stories to translate old tales into modern dramas. With a doctorate in Religion and the Arts from the Graduate Theological Union, she brings a wealth of training and experience to her work. Though she has training in many dance forms, Cia now focuses on Flamenco, and has studied with master teacher Susana Di Palma for many years. Inspired by viewing and acting study at the Globe theatre in London, she gradually developed Storydance theatre, using a combination of storytelling, acting, and dance. She creates work combining her knowledge and skills, often re-writing Jewish folktales with a modern twist. Locally, she has performed at small venues and schools, in larger shows with Anda Flamenco, featured as a soloist in Zorongo student shows, and performed nationally and internationally at conferences and events. 
For this performance, Cia works with flamenco guitarist Ross Fellrath. He has dedicated himself to learning and bringing more flamenco to Minnesota. He has been playing all types of music on the guitar for over 30 years.  He plays for the Zorongo Flamenco School and with many other talented performers in this awesome Minneapolis flamenco scene. He has studied with: El Entri Aquillino at Acadamia Cañorroto (Madrid), Carmen Ledesma (Sevilla), Javier Heredia (Sevilla), Jose Mendez (Sevilla), Chuscales, Jose Valle (Granada), Scott Davies (Minneapolis) and about every other flamenco guitarist he’s played with.
For more information, contact:
Cia Sautter

Golmah Description and Background information:

  What if the legend is wrong? What if the real story was even more fantastic?  In a 50 minute for piece combing acting and flamenco dance, Cia Sautter’s Golmah offers drama, humor, entertainment, and even audience participation to find out what really happened to women in a classic Jewish story, the Golem

The Golem is a creature that a great rabbi brings to life to protects the Jews of Prague History reveals there is some truth to this story. There really was a Rabbi named Judah Loew, a great Jewish scholar who supposedly knew how to make such a creature. But history also tells us that the women of Prague at around this time suddenly made a leap into society, even working outside the home. What actually happened?

The main storyteller in Golmah is Gittele, who shares the well-known story of the Golem then offers how the women of Prague actually made one first. Gittele explains that Rabbi Judah taught them the secrets of the reception of divine energy that can change the world. While the women are successful in making a Golmah, they begin to question whether or not they should have made her, and what justice really requires

The story deals specifically with violence against a minority group and women from the past, but raises issues about our own society. At the end of the piece the audience is asked a question about what they will do to create justice.

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