My workshops are interactive and participatory. They are always adapted to the needs and abilities of participants.  I always tailor them to your needs, but the basic programs are...

For Adults

 Performing Values  A workshop that engages the body as a means of seeking justice with compassion in a multicultural world.

Creating Embodied Stories   Drawing from Jewish midrashic and other classic  traditions, a writing and storytelling workshop that allows individuals to discover the power of connecting words, image, and action.

Joyfull Movement and Yoga Rediscover the joy of life through basic movement or yoga classes. The class draws on ecstatic Jewish and yoga traditions, while offering a new way of being in the world that is empowering and uplifting.

For Children

For your school, storytelling session, or events, I offer programs that are tailored to the specific needs of children.

 Children are always my best students and audience. T As an educator, I know that the fantastic movement creations, stories, and ideas they generate in our sessions is a result of me letting them learn physically, as well as visually, and orally.

World Beat Movement classes and workshops: Joyfull movement and yoga geared toward children, and using world music and dance.

Interactive Storytelling:  I have a collection of folk and fairytales from around the world, and can create a session for you based on your choice of focus. While telling the story, I work with children to create movement phrases from within the story. 

Possible story I work with include:
  • Mediterranean Tales from the Muslim/Jewish past - Elijah Tales retold;  The Smart Girls Mystery Club.
  • Chinese Tales - The Weaving of a Dream; No Ginger.
  • Folktales from India
  • Magic and Mystery Stories -  Magic Words; The Magic Flower

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